About Rhonda

Rhonda (Hill) Fekete started her business, Career Pointe Consulting, to help individuals and companies to successfully facilitate change or reinvention. Rhonda knows about reinventing oneself and has done so personally and professionally. She spent 10 years as a Financial Controller at a big four accounting firm before shifting to work in human resources. Rhonda’s career history includes Director, Human Resources for a financial services firm and a public finance law firm, and Legal Administrator. Rhonda is currently a Learning & Performance Consultant for a Fortune 100 company in the financial services industry where she coaches to alignment with business strategy, sales process adoption and development of coaching skills with leaders.

Rhonda is a life long learner who possesses an MBA, and a Master of Arts, Professional Practice of Coaching through Middlesex University (London, UK). She holds the designations ICF ACC, Results Certified Coach, NeuroLeadership Group, and Certified Master Business Coach (CMBC), Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. After being involved in coaching for 15 years and serving as the 2012 President of the Central Ohio Chapter of the International Coach Federation, Rhonda became a Reinvention Coach. Rhonda has done coaching in the context of various HR leadership roles in the financial services and legal industries. She served on coaching engagements with Weber Associates and one of its Fortune 100 clients providing coaching and consulting expertise in the insurance industry at the sales leadership level and for managers in the Finance & IT shared services groups.

Her clients have had successes such as reigniting their careers, shifting into a new career path, becoming more comfortable in a business social setting, working with difficult people and implementing new corporate initiatives. Rhonda equates her work to the chameleon, saying that most everyone needs to reinvent themselves at some point, based on what will serve them best at that time. Rhonda’s no-nonsense style has served her well in coaching clients to success outcomes.