Want to make an impact or discover better ways to deal with changes in your professional life? Our neuro-science based coaching methodology, used by Results Certified Coaches on multiple continents, efficiently gets to the root of your dilemma through a process based coaching structure.

What is holding you back from that promotion you’ve been dreaming about? Learn how to find your voice and use it appropriately with your boss without being confrontational. Become a better manager of your direct reports by learning coaching skills that are sure to improve your employee engagement and increase productivity. Improve the quality of your business relationships.

If you want to learn more about any of these topics, our coaching model is designed to help you identify the area to work on that will produce the most impact.


Business Motivators – Explore how your driving values contribute to your effectiveness or ineffectiveness in the workplace.

DISC Spectrum – In order to understand others, we must first understand ourselves. The DISC (Behavior Styles) Assessment is an excellent way to discover how others want you to communicate most effectively with them. What works for you doesn’t necessarily work for your boss or your co-worker. Once you learn the fundamentals of these four behavioral styles you’ll have the tools you need to improve both your career and personal relationships through improved communications.

Winslow Certified Assessment Coach – The Winslow Profile has been in constant development since 1968, helping people discover their own personal road to success.

  • Dynamics Profile – Your forty page Winslow Report will provide you insight and awareness as well as the first stage of a personal coaching program.
  • Twenty-Four Traits – The Winslow Dynamics Profile measures 24 personality traits in four categories. This specificity is key to forming a clear understanding of self.


Have you been in the work force so long that you don’t have a resume because you never needed one before now? Well, that could change suddenly. Don’t find yourself without a resume when you really need it the most.

Do you already have a resume but you think it needs refreshed? Do you have multiple resumes to focus on a variety of positions that you think you are qualified for but don’t know how to effectively present yourself for the position? We can start wherever you are and have you confident that your resume will begin to open doors not previously opened. Let’s get started!

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